Modern Barter Exchange

Our Modern Barter Exchange is powered by ITEX. Since 1982, ITEX – The Business Currency has been helping businesses, just like yours, get more sales, reduce cash expenses and have more cash profits through our unique Virtual Currency Marketplace.

Get More New Sales

Through our exclusive cashless marketplace, you can sell extra time and unused capacity to other ITEX member businesses that have ITEX Dollars to spend. An online directory of 20,000+ businesses offering hundreds of thousands of services and goods across 1200+ business categories is just one area of marketing available. Members also have the assistance of a personal representative who will help promote their offering to other members. Weekly emails promote special offerings as well.

Because these are new customers, they result in new revenue. This is in addition to your current cash sales! It does not take away from your current cash business. If you are like most, and your business comes largely through referrals from current customers, then ITEX is a way to add more voices to your referral business.

Reduce Cash Expenses

Every time an ITEX Dollar is spent instead of a cash dollar, the cash is retained thereby reducing cash expenses directly. We recommend that members seek first to spend ITEX in everything they do. Generally, one should spend using this hierarchy:

  • Change to ITEX vendors wherever possible. This is immediate cash savings.
  • Purchase things that you may not have had the cash to be able to buy in the past. Perhaps awards and rewards for employees, customers, vendors, and referral sources.
  • And finally, get a little of the good life back. There are fun items that occur all the time. Enjoy!

More Cash Profits

The cash saved when buying with ITEX Dollars immediately becomes additional cash profits. Member businesses enjoy the new sales, reduced cash expenses, getting some of the good life back, and the net cash profit increase.

ITEX Works…Isn’t it time to put it to work for you!

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