Communication is of vital importance to remain top of mind with your customers.  It is not an option.

How do you communicate with your diners effectively?  Through what medium do they actually receive the messages you want to communicate?

When they are in your restaurant you can talk with them.  Is that always a comfortable interaction?  Do you have time to go to every table?  Of course not.

There are FOUR major ways to communicate with your customers once they leave your establishment.


Good old-fashioned snail mail.  The challenge is that they are unlikely to give you their address.

Social Media

They can like your page.  But the fact is that only 1-3% of those people see your communication.


More effective.  You can give lots of info and pretty graphics.  Still, studies show that less than 15% open your restaurant specific emails.


The most effective open rate.  97-98% get read.  The communication is short and succinct.  They like it that way.  Most cost effective.

Are you using broadcast text messaging?  It’s easy and fun, mainly because we do all the work!!  You must communicate with your customers to get them to come back, come back more often, and with friends.  EZ Results Marketing is the Solution!